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Video, 35:03


‘The half-hour long video “36” by Ilmira Bolotyan is an attempt at a sincere conversation about a subject which is taboo in the artistic community – the line that is crossed when one is over 35, which leads to losing all the privileges and opportunities connected with the status of “a young artist”. The subject of age is chosen as a shortcut to revealing the logic of art-institutions with its system of requests and demands set not for the art but for the artist himself, his lifestyle, his ability to make money by means of and for the sake of his art’.

Oxana Polyakova "Transparent borders", exhibition note

"36" by Ilmira Bolotyan

"36" by Ilmira Bolotyan

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Participants: Ilmira Bolotyan - artist, curator. Denis Novikov - psychologist, gestalt therapist, associate professor, Higher School of Psychology Camera: Elena Artemenko, Marianna Mangeeleva.

Moscow, 2016

Exhib 036


07.03.2017 - 11.03.2017

Curator: Oxana Polyakova 

Center "Red", Moscow

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